The Alfomega EP (Remastered)

by The Alfomega

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Recorded in Pittsburgh, PA using Alfomega Productions mobile studio, August 2014 - February 2015. Remixed and remastered by the band, September 2016.

All music composed by Zachary McGowan and Christopher Wood; all lyrics written by Zachary McGowan (track 5, lyrics cowritten with Kara Laus)

Thank you to our parents and all of our friends in pgh, State College and Scranton (esp. the contributing musicians and close associates in SC and pgh DIY) for yr contributions, inspiration and support for this EP, it is You who have made this release possible, we will be Here All Week, See You Soon <3

Much Love - AF


released May 2, 2015

Zachary McGowan - engineering, production, mixing, mastering; artwork design
Christopher Wood - sequencing, production, guidance

Taylor Miles - Photography, artwork, original art direction




The Alfomega Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Situated on the Monongahela River, the Alfomega provides stunning pretty noise for yr eardrums.

Zach McGowan
Chris Wood

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Track Name: In Seconds Flat
Traveling east with the birds as I write this story; tired, nodding slowly out to the sound of satellites, it's just one and one half hour before I see you again, but it feels like seconds flat

What do you think when you write your music? What are your thoughts and are they the same as mine? Are we both just up late to avoid missing out on inspiration in seconds flat?
Track Name: I Know People
I have something you want, and I know you’ve got something of mine;
I think working together will be beneficial to both of us in the end
Please, comply because you should know: I have people and my people know yr people; we can make them pull their resources to make anything happen, you should know...
Track Name: Breather
Track Name: You Remind Me That You Are Something Else
You remind me that you are something else when you have that wild look in your eye. You think and have your ideas that no one else has. Your form is flawless; your persuasion gets me every time. When you speak, you remind me that you are something else.

You remind me that you are something else when you enter the room like a dancer. All your steps are human, all of them beautiful; even when you stumble, you are beautiful. When you move, you remind me that you are something else.

You remind me that you are something else when you touch me on the inside...what else is there really to say? You are uncommon amongst people; amongst lovers. When you love me, you remind me that you are something else.
Track Name: Histrionica
Persistently, the voices speak words of fear they want you to hear.
With fast rhetoric and ideas slow, the picture splices lightning made of static snow.

You’d have to see, you have to know.

Under a def mountain is force:
Forced lies; forced religion of take the other, stab your brother;
Grind your bones with a diamond sander.

United We Stand

Will you do your best to save the week and heal the sick and turn the other cheek ...or step on them out in the street because you think they’re broken.

(...or pull my hair and scratch my teeth? I think you’re nearly broken.)

Yet still see the butcher’s flock ready to take their medicine of lies and product ad displacement.

Frequency tuning to frequency tuners cut to commercial sooner and sooner.

Will you do your best...?